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Tantric Chakra Tune Up 


You're invited to enter a sacred space where you can feel free to shed any negative energy that's blocking your bliss. With a combination of guided ecstatic dance and tantric meditation, you'll replenish and increase the flow of your divine masculine/feminine energies and enhance the performance of your chakra system. Blissful healing and chakra balancing through movement, music, and meditation.


Please bring valid medical recommendation.  Suitable for all levels.

This class is for couples consisting of any combination of genders, and non-male-identified singles (womyn, trans, and non-binary folks).


Singles - $30 per class, $100 for a 4-class pass

Couples - $50 per class, $180 for a 4-class pass






Tantric Love Partner Yoga 


Manifest a deeper connection and spiritual bond with your partner.  Enter Sakuntala's oasis where you will be greeted with a complementary cup of ayurvedic herbal milk tea. 


Lay out your mats, hold hands, breathe in the romantic aromatherapy scents while listening to Sakuntala share knowledge about applying the yogic practice of PRESENCE in your relationships, and enjoy beautiful poetry by Rumi.  As the herbs start working their magic, Sakuntala will direct you into a Tantric meditation and partner yoga with your loved one. 


Let your breaths become one as you open, release, balance with, communicate, touch, feel, build trust, release doubts, and flow with your partner through the asanas. 


We will close the session with pranayama (breathwork to enhance life force), and apply the breathing to a bonding Tantric ritual.  The plants are Goddesses who have provided these healing herbs for you, and they were grown by your yogini, Sakuntala. 


Trust the love the Goddess provides and surrounds you with for all aspects of life and through your partner.


Please bring valid medical recommendation.  Suitable for all levels.  

All orientations and combinations of genders welcome.


Couples - $50 per class, $180 for a 4-class pass








Tantric Trauma Healing



Come learn an array of skills to heal yourself and your romantic partners using ancient tantric techniques and strategies that will liberate your multi-dimensional body from the suffering caused by traumatic wounding of all kinds. In this class you will learn how to consciously direct and channel sexual energy in a therapeutic manner that turns pleasure into purification. 


 Suitable for all genders.

All orientations and combinations of genders welcome.


$30 per class, $100 for a 4-class pass



















Tantric Trauma Healing Private Sessions



This experience is not for the weak-minded.  Many people have been scarred from traumatic incidents or periods of time in their lives.  And unless we get it out of our system, it stays in the body and manifests over and over again either in physical ailments or recurring traumatic incidents.  


It takes a true brave warrior god(dess) to go deep within and go head to head with the deep-seated demons of the past in order to change the damage done, fight for a happier future, and heal.  We spiritual warriors at Ganja Devi completely understand and have also gone through deep trauma to cope with and push through.  We are here to help you in a gentle and nurturing environment.  


Our trained and certified Tantric Counselor and the rest of us at Ganja Devi definitely do not claim to replace therapy.  We encourage it for folks who need it, actually!  However, think of us as a compliment to that.  In therapy, there is only talking while sitting on a couch.  With Ganja Devi, you will walk into our spacious room with a comfortable bed cushion for you to relax on, so you can physically move through the trauma as well as comfortably relax.  We will offer you your choice of a Ganja Delight edible or tea, and we will get to work.  


Since this is a private session, it will be tailored to you and your needs, but expect to share experiences, be guided through deep breathing, healing movement (dance, yoga, however our session plays out according to you), experience spiritually uplifting music meant to help you release, and be held and supported as the trauma begins to release.  This is not an overnight fix, but rather the start of your journey towards recovery, peace of mind, and happiness.     


Bring your open heart and will to heal.

Contact us to design your treatment plan designed just for you.


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