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Ganja Devi offers a new fusion style of bodywork that incorporates Tantric, Thai, and Indian martial arts healing techniques.


There are already so many benefits to receiving bodywork, but with the addition of cannabis oils, patients can experience extra relief from fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer treatments, PMS, headaches/migraines, injuries, anxiety and depression.  


This bodywork, always performed with love and healing intentions, also increases the blood flow and reduces toxins in the body.   Bodywork is catered to the patient's needs, as is the type of medicated oil being used, made just for you by Ganja Devi.  

Please bring your medical recommendation.

$80/1 hr

$130/1.5 hours

You can come to our location on the Eastside (Los Angeles),

or we can bring the healing to you anywhere in LA County and some parts of Orange and Inland Empire Counties.  

Travel expenses depend on your location.















Lovers' Body Bliss Class

We at Ganja Devi want to provide you with all the tools necessary for lovers' bliss, and this class is no exception.  Bring two blankets, and we will guide you through giving and receiving healing touch with your partner.  Learn where your partner holds tension and knots, help him/her unwind, and receive the same.  Leave with more knowledge about your partner's needs than you knew before, and be better equipped to serve your love.  Ganja Devi massage oils and herb will be provided for all.

Please bring your medical recommendation.

Couples $50 per class, or $180 for a 4-class pass


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