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Ganja Devi

("Cannabis Goddess")


Saku is a yogini, grower, musician, and dancer of South Asian heritage who received her yoga certification in Bangalore, India.  She is also a NCCPT certified personal trainer and credentialed educator.  


She has always used yoga as cross-training for her classical Indian and Middle Eastern dance training and maintaining overall peace of mind and balance in life. 


She believes in the bounty of healing that Mother Earth provides through herbs and plants, and also believes in living in harmony with her.  She regularly visits and shares notes with her relatives in the Ayurvedic medicine field in Sri Lanka.  


She considers yoga, along with a healthy diet, necessary complements to her dance regiment, as well as all other aspects of life. 


She teaches and performs locally and internationally.



















The Story


Once upon a time there was a dancing yogini and musician named Saku, living in Los Angeles.  Her father had a medical problem that was debilitating him on and off, and every time it hit, it would eventually send him to the emergency room.  Also, her mother was suffering from the tremors that come from Parkinsons Disease.


One night her father watched the Dr. Sanjay Gupta special on TV about medical marijuana, and saw a man with his same mysterious condition who got relief, as well as Parkinsons disease patients.  He contacted her right away to help them find this medicine.   She took them both to get their medical recommendations, and then she started her research to help them get their correct medicine for their conditions.  She watched medical marijuana drastically improve the symptoms of both of her parents' health issues and replace much harsher drugs with unpleasant side effects they had been previously taking with little to no results.  

One afternoon she was performing multiple Classical Indian dance shows for a festival while nursing a shoulder injury she'd been griping about for a couple weeks.  During one of the breaks, her dance partner rubbed something on her shoulder and the pain was gone in less than 10 minutes.  She was floored and asked what it was.  This was her first experience with topical cannabis.  


Soon after that, she started the family garden, and combined her knowledge of yoga and eastern health care with fitness and her long-time passion for making vegan cruelty-free body care products and cuisine.  


Patients began seeking her help for surgery recovery and cancer symptom relief.  She teamed up with a few other healer friends who are also passionate about wellness with complementary healing skills (bodywork, Tai Chi, Tantric wellness, etc.), meditated upon this project of healing, and completed the manifestation of Ganja Devi.  


Everything from Ganja Devi is vegan, natural, cruelty-free, and chock full of love and positive vibes -  just like our healers.


We blend healing arts and medicines of the East and West to bring you the very best in holistic wellness.  

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